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Shop Updates - May 25, 2017 - Lots of new products coming to the gift shop. Stay tuned !!

Ritual Salts - Handmade Spiritual Supplies

Two Cats Witchery Handmade Ritual Salts are mixed with sea, organic white, and kosher salts. For personal spiritual rituals, prayers, spells, spiritual development, energy cleansing, chakra, mediation, & more. Many cultures believe and use salt to purify, bring harmony & peace, cleanse away negative energy in a room or spiritual tool. Use in a bath or as a detox face wash. Salts are tools; the ritual, outcome, & intent is up to you. NOT for consumption. Click on image for information & to purchase.

Size - about a 2x3 inch bag
Price - $5.85 Add to Cart
Size - about a 3"x3" inch bag
Price - $8.85 Add to Cart

Black Salt has been used in rituals and prayers for cleansing, protection, energy clearing, banishing, getting rid of negative energy, circle casting, purification, and warding.

Size - about a 2x3 inch bag
Price - $3.25 Add to Cart
Size - about a 3" x 3" inch bag
Price - $5.00 Add to Cart

Pink rock salt, from the Himalayan Mountains. Combination of pink and white salt. Used in spiritual paths for energy cleansing, purifying, harmony, & peace. Bath salt, detox, or cooking salt.