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Shop Updates: July 5, 2017 : Updates and new items being added to the website. I'm currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, waiting on the newest addition to the Two Cats clan. Updates are taking me a little longer, as I don't have a ton of energy and have been resting. Thank you. ~Julia

Ritual Salts - Handmade Spiritual Supplies

Two Cats Witchery Handmade Ritual Salts are mixed with sea, organic white, and kosher salts. For personal spiritual rituals, prayers, spells, spiritual development, energy cleansing, chakra, mediation, & more. Many cultures believe and use salt to purify, bring harmony & peace, cleanse away negative energy in a room or spiritual tool. Use in a bath or as a detox face wash. Salts are tools; the ritual, outcome, & intent is up to you. NOT for consumption. Click on image for information & to purchase.

Size - about a 2x3 inch bag
Price - $5.85 Add to Cart
Size - about a 3"x3" inch bag
Price - $8.85 Add to Cart

Black Salt has been used in rituals and prayers for cleansing, protection, energy clearing, banishing, getting rid of negative energy, circle casting, purification, and warding.

Size - about a 2x3 inch bag
Price - $3.25 Add to Cart
Size - about a 3" x 3" inch bag
Price - $5.00 Add to Cart

Pink rock salt, from the Himalayan Mountains. Combination of pink and white salt. Used in spiritual paths for energy cleansing, purifying, harmony, & peace. Bath salt, detox, or cooking salt.