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Shop Updates Jan 2018 - I'm coming off of maternity leave with updates and new items. I had a beautiful daughter and am enjoying every minute of being her mom. I'm currently adding every item that was on Etsy over here and more. Thank you and happy shopping. ~Julia

Hoodoo Supplies - Ritual Powders, Conjure, Rootwork, Mojo, Juju, Gris Gris

Two Cats Witchery Handmade Hoodoo Supplies. Made with home grown herbs, spices, roots, and plants from our garden, yard, and kitchen. For personal spiritual rituals, prayers, spells, spiritual development, hoodoo / conjure / root work. Popular in Southern American and many spiritual cultures. Hoodoo supplies are tools; the ritual, outcome, & intent is up to you. NOT for consumption. Click on image for information & to purchase.

.5 oz bottle - $7.95 Add to Cart
1.2 oz (35ml) bottle - $12.95 Add to Cart

Black Cat Oil has been used in rituals for reversing bad luck, drawing in money and love, Hex / curse breaking, positive energy, and more. Known as the gamblers oil, has been used to bring good fortune when gambling. Black Cat Oil is used to honor the feline Egyptian cat Goddess Bast (Bastet). Anoint candles, charm bags, spiritual tools, or use in baths. 

Size - about a 2x3 inch bag
Price - $4.85 Add to Cart
Size - about a 3"x3" inch bag
Price - $6.85 Add to Cart
Hot Foot Powder has been used in rituals, folk magic, and in the Southern American Hoodoo path in foot track magic to drive unwanted people out of your life, make someone leave, move out, or banish negative or harmful people away. This powder is hot and spicy to the touch and smell. DO NOT CONSUME!

2x3 inch bag - Price - $3.00 Add to Cart
3x3 inch bag - Price - $4.85 Add to Cart

Luck Herbs have been used in rituals and prayers for good luck, protection, good fortune, success, and positive energy. A mixture of home grown garden herbs. NOT for consumption. 

Black Cat Charm Mojo Bag - Good Luck
1 Small Pocket bag - $5.00 Add to Cart
Black Cat Bags have been used in different cultural and spiritual paths for good luck, fortune, to banish negative energy, remove a hex or curse. Known for luck during gambling / lotto. Honor the feline Egyptian cat Goddess Bast  (Bastet). Learn more about different bags on the spiritual bag information page.