Fall and Autumn 2018 Top Picks at Two Cats Witchery Gift Shop

Fall and Autumn 2018 Top Picks at Two Cats Witchery Gift Shop.

Here at Two Cats Witchery we feature our Tops Picks. Each are chosen to represent the best products for the season. Here we have the chosen items and witchy gift options for Fall of 2018. Please scroll down to view our products. Click on the image to view more information and to purchase.

fall halloween candle for Two cats witchery

Lets welcome this Fall season with a fresh start. Embrace new beginnings and creativity. Start by cleansing out any unwanted energy and allow positivity and blessings into ones life.

Cleansing and Home Blessing Fall Featured Items

We start with our home blessing herbs, sweetgrass bundle, and home blessing kit. Our herbs are hand blended using sweetgrass and sage from our home garden. The sweetgrass bundle is hand bundled with sweetgrass from our garden. Each item is used for cleansing away and to banish unwanted energy, allowing for positive energy to flow in.

home blessing spell herbs     sweetgrass smudge bundle     home blessing spell kit        sweetgrass and rosemary smudge bundle     sweetgrass braid smudge

We also include in our Top Picks for this Fall, Two Cats Witchery Sun Blessing ritual herbs, Sun spell oil, and Sun bath salts. Each handcrafted in our home kitchen, a true example of kitchen witchery. All include herbs, flowers, essential oils, and orange peel. We Honor the Sun and its energy with this sun collection. 

  sun blessing spell herbs     sun blessing epson bath salts     sun blessing spell oil


Two Cats Witchery Catalog

For our full catalog filled with all of our wonderful products, visit our Shop Catalog.
~ Julia Finucane
at Two Cats Witchery

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