Halloween Samhain Candle Blessing Ritual

Halloween Samhain Candle Blessing Ritual 

halloween ritual at two cats witcheryWe welcome you to our Halloween Samhain Candle Blessing Ritual event page. This year on Sunday October 28, 2018, we will hold our Samhain Candle Blessing at our home here at Two Cats Witchery. This year, my husband and I have decided to invite you to be included in our annual Samhain ritual. 

To be included in our Ritual, please purchase your spot by the "add to cart" button. 

Be sure to take advantage of this great ritual as there are a limited number of spots are available. Deadline to purchase and be included is October 21, 2018.

$25   Add to Cart

Your purchase includes

- A dressed (oil anointed & energy infused) herbal candle, which will be ritually burned on our outdoor sacred area. This candle will be allowed to burn all night.

- 1 petition that we ask for you to send to us via comment section at checkout. This petition will be written down on 2 sheets of paper which will be placed under your candle during the ritual. 1 will be sacredly buried with your candle after the ritual and the 2nd will be shipped to you after the ritual. All petitions are kept confident. 

- 1 energy infused ritual crystal which will be included with your candle that night and then shipped to you after the ritual.

- Photo's will be sent to your email. Pre-ritual, we will send a photo of your candle setup. After the ritual, we will send photo's of the ritual itself and of the burned candle after the ritual is over. 

What will be Shipped to You 

Your energy infused crystal and one petition paper that was under your candle will be shipped to you. These will be yours to keep and you can use them to further visualization and manifest of your petition wants. 
*Shipping is included.

Ritual Information

Our Blessing Ritual will start at around 6 PM eastern standard time (we are in NYS) on Sunday October 28, 2018 and end on the morning of Monday October 29, 2018. 

Pre-ritual photo's will be sent to your email by the day before. After the Ritual, emailed photo's and shipped mail will be sent to you starting the next day (Monday). (Please give us 3-5 days after the ritual to have all photo's sent via email and for items to be shipped.)
Please make sure address on payment checkout is correct. We mail to the address listed on your PayPal.
All information is kept private.

Have any questions, please feel free to ask prior to purchase.

We are excited to have you included in our family ritual and bright blessings to you.

Thank You
~ Julia 
Two Cats Witchery.

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