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We are now offering Free Shipping in the webstore at Two Cats. We undertsand that in todays world, people like the ease and simplicity of purchasing online and knowing the cost up front. I'm this way when purchasing as well. I like to see the price...
July 22, 2019
A throw back to the very first art exhibit I was in after college. Wow.. young, excited, and so naive to the art world. I dropped my art off to the gallery volunteer with a glimmer in my eye and didn't look back.  The show was fun,...
June 27, 2019
The gallery portfolio is just about completed enough and we started working on the shop section. We are currently adding all of our inventory to the store section. Everything from our Etsy and more will be added here. Stay connected with Julia on...
June 14, 2019
We are busy working on creating this new site, Two Cats Gallery and Witchery. It will be the main platform for artist Julia Finucane, her artwork, and The Witchery 
June 4, 2019