June 2019

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Throw Back / First Art Exhibit and Advice

A throw back to the very first art exhibit I was in after college. Wow.. young, excited, and so naive to the art world. I dropped my art off to the gallery volunteer with a glimmer in my eye and didn't look back.  The show was fun, crowded, and I felt like a "real" artist. People actually liked my paintings. It was an awesome feeling and one I will always remember. 

I learned a lot from that first exhibit and if I can give my young self or other young artists some advice, it would be... 

Two Cats Witchery / Bringing Magick and Beauty into your Life!

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Two Cats Witchery is Bringing Magick and Beauty into your Life! 

The online Gift Shop and Witchery by artist Julia Finucane. Specializing in the lovely items created by Julia in her home studio in New York. You will find original art pieces, art prints, handcrafted decor such as candles and trinket boxes, and The Witchery where you will find all of Julia's witchy gifts.