Bring About Positive and Protective Energy

September 08, 2022

Bring About Positive and Protective Energy

On Monday, I chose to light two novena candles to manifest positive and protective energy into the universe. A symbol of powerful protection, these candles help to aid in banishing negativity which is much needed right now throughout the universe. 

My first candle is of Mother Mary. She is for healing and nurturing protection. She brings light and love and heals are hearts. She protects us and shines her positive light on us all. The second candle I lit is of Archangel Michael, the warrior. He protects us in fighting for our safety against negativity and evil thoughts. 

I invite you all to join me in manifesting positivity and protection thoughout our universe.. 

"Mother Mary protect those who need it. Show them your warmth and watch over them. Help them get through these hard and uncertain times. Archangel Micheal give us strength and fight the hardships that people are facing. Bring peace and positivity."

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