The Energy of 22.2.22

September 08, 2022



If you feel emotional today, you are not alone. Today is February 22, 2022 or 22222. A day of high energy in high emotions, but be patient and know that everything will work out just the way it supposed to. Be patient and trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Take a deep breath and know all those past decisions have led you to this moment. Have faith and trust yourself, you are exactly where you were supposed to be.

22222 is a state of Awakening. A state of higher consciousness. Of a higher self. You might feel anxious today or a little uneasy and that’s because today’s energy is very strong. We are all made up of energy and energy is all around us, so it makes sense that our emotions might be high today or maybe even all over the place. Take a step back, close your eyes, and take a deep breath if you feel overwhelmed. Our souls are growing and we are on our soul purpose journey. The universe has been shifting and we are shifting with it. 

Today, you should really think about your life’s purpose, your dreams, your goals. Sit down and visualize all of those coming true. Manifest these dreams and goals, manifest your happiest life. One that you’ve always wished for. Set those intentions into the universe. Believe they will come true and believe that you were already working towards them. Today can start you on that life‘s journey. 

Don’t feel bad for shedding toxic relationships or toxic energy. That energy that doesn’t serve your life‘s purpose and doesn’t serve you well. Start thinking of yourself and saying yes to yourself. This is a time for you. On the same note, surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. That energy and those people that lift you up, support you, and those that help you on your journey. 

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