Free Shipping in the Store

FREE SHIPPING TO THE US. Prices include all first class shipping to US customers.

We are currently restocking and adding new items. Follow Instagram for updates: twocatswitchery

We are now offering Free Shipping in the webstore at Two Cats. We undertsand that in todays world, people like the ease and simplicity of purchasing online and knowing the cost up front. I'm this way when purchasing as well. I like to see the price of items before having to hit the add to cart button and then calculating shipping. That being said, we are changing our style of selling online too include shipping. 

Many of us sellers are on Etsy as well, including Two Cats. Etsy has recently changed their business model and are encouraging artists to sell this way as well. I've done much research and have looked at the way I like to shop as well. This is how I came up with my descision to include free shipping. It just makes sense and I always want customers and fans of my art and products to have an easy and fun shopping and collecting experience. We adapt with change and we love our customers. 

We will be easing into this change as we post new items and newly stocked items. 

As always, thnak you for supporting my art and small businesses like Two Cats.

~ Julia 


** Please Note:

Sales Tax will still be separate because each state charges different amounts. 


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