How to use Ritual Oils

September 08, 2022

How to use Oil

So one might ask, "How do I use Ritual Oils"?

Although the usage of oils may differ from person to person, here at Two Cats Witchery we make Our Oils to be used in a varirty of ways both spiritual and daily use ways

Use oils in your evening or ritual bath to relax the mind and body. Oil leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. Oils with lavender have a calming sense to them, perfect for before going to bed. 

Oils can be used as an anointing tool on different candles and sacred altar supplies. Use on spiritual mojo, charm bags, and poppets. 

Many people love to diffuse with oils. Use them in an aroma lamp or in an oil diffuser. Use with Reiki jewelry or even in a diffuser necklace.

TCW oils are infused with different herbs, plants, flowers, roots, spices, and crystals depending on the oils spiritual intent. These oils have herbs left inside to continue infusing with energy. Plants are believed to have an energy and that energy goes into each oil. 

All oils at TCW are cruelty free. The plants come from our home garden and are always pesticide free. I use NO toxic plants in my oils. I will state if an oil has a spicy plant such as pepper in them. 

TCW Oils recipes have been perfected over the years. They are diluted with carrier oils such as coconut, sunflowers, and olive.

Oils scents are chosen based on spiritual intention or Goddess. Each oil is made to order and made in small batches. I make a lot of the scents myself. I also use essential oils. I change up the scents for each oil depending on the season, what scents I have in stock, or depending on what calls to me. These are handcrafted oils that are made in my home kitchen They are never mass produced. 

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