Mercury Retrograde and our Energy

September 08, 2022

Mercury Retrograde and how we can focus our energy!

So what is this Mercury Retrograde we speak of?

The term retrograde refers to when a planet looks to be moving in reverse. With Mercury, this happens three to four times a year. This planetary event, as well as others can have a great effect on your life. 

Mercury Retrograde can impact forms of communication and our thought process. It can slow down relationships, partnerships, and friendships. It can delay transportation, as well as have great impact on technology. This can halt creativity, new projects, or business transactions. Things basically can go wonky more easily than usual. 

Some people feel off during Mercury Retrograde. This is normal as our energy is being “messed” with. One must keeps in mind that Mercury is not trying to mess with us directly or on purpose; this feeling we have is a direct response to the slowing down motion of the planet. Everything is made up of energy, so of course our energy will feel this shift.

Look at retrogrades as a time to revisit and reconnect with the energy of that planet and the earth. Take time to slow down and look at how we want to move forward. Lessons can be learned during Retrograde. Hold off on starting that new project or creative endeavor. Wait to build that relationship or business partnership until your energy feels back to “normal.” Give yourself extra time and slack if something doesn’t go as planned. 

Look at Mercury Retrograde as a time to finish those goals and project that we already started. Use it as a time to tie up loose ends so when our energy is back in place, we can start all those new things.

Shadow Periods

One this to remember with any planetary event, there are shadow periods meaning the time before and after the event. We see this with Full Moons as well, but with Mercury Retrograde we have about a two week shadow period. This means we can start feeling it’s effects two weeks before the retrograde and it can last two weeks after. This period is considered a time for our energy to become adjusted. A perfect time to start grounding and prepare for the retrograde. 

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