Two Cats Witchery / Bringing Magick and Beauty into your Life!

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Two Cats Witchery is Bringing Magick and Beauty into your Life! 

The online Gift Shop by artist Julia Finucane. Specializing in the lovely items created by Julia in her home studio in New York. You will find original art pieces, art prints, handcrafted decor such as candles and trinket boxes, and witchy gifts. 

Each item is handcrafted and handmade. Witchy gifts (such as oils and herbs) are all cruelty free, natural, and ethically sourced. Made for your ritual and daily needs. Infused with plants from Julia's garden and high quality Essential oils are used. 

Her handcrafted candles are probably one of her favorite things to create. Each herb, plant, or flower used comes from her garden or yard. High quality waxes and oils are used. Every shell, crystal, or art used is found or created by Julia. Her artisan candles are truly one of a kind. 

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~ Julia