Sep 8

Mercury Retrograde and how we can focus our energy!

So what is this Mercury Retrograde we speak of?

The term retrograde refers to when a planet looks to be moving in reverse. With Mercury, this happens three to four times a year. This planetary event, as well as others…

Sep 8

November 11 and the Number 11 work together to aid in powerful manifestation. 

Powerful Manifestation Day 11/11 

November 11 is always a strong energy day with great power for manifestation and intention work. The number 11 in general is a symbol of spirit. 11 is…

Sep 8

A throw back to the very first art exhibit I was in after college. Wow.. young, excited, and so naive to the art world. I dropped my art off to the gallery volunteer with a glimmer in my eye and didn't look back.  The show was fun, crowded, and I felt like a "real" artist. People actually liked my paintings. It was an awesome feeling and one I will always remember. 

Sep 8

Color Symbolism and Meaning

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for colors and the symbolism and meaning they each convey. Bright hues of yellow and orange bring out feelings of warmth and happiness, while colors of blue and silver might make someone feel chilly or melancholy. Colors can bring…