Clear Quartz Crystals, Tumbled Crystal Set for Protection and Positive Energy, lot#6

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Clear Quartz Crystals, Tumbled Crystal Set for Protection and Positive Energy, lot#6
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Clear Quartz Crystals for Protection and Positive Energy

A set of almost clear Quartz Crystals. This Cape May stones are more rare in that they are harder to find. The more clear, white, or translucent the stone, the harder they are to find when searching the beaches of Cape May. These crystals are polished.

They have an amazing energy to them and would make a great addition to any home or altar decor. This crystal set would go nice with the Protection and Purity set. This set has such a pure energy radiating from it, in a small and convenient way, perfect for keeping them on your body. 

• Carry these stones in your purse, pocket, or bra.

•  Hold them during ritual or meditation to remind you that protection, positivity, and purity are always around you. 

Set includes

• 34 clear Quartz Crystals for aiding in positive energy. 

• Tumbled and Polished

• Cleanse and Charge your crystals with Sage Oil or Energy Cleansing Bundles.

The Magick of Quartz

Quartz is one of the most popular stones used for healing, protection, positive energy, and banishing negative energy from a space. I must admit, this crystal set is one of my favorites. These stones have such a raw and pure energy that vibrates when you hold them in your hand. I can feel the energy of the water they came from; power, strength, but also pure beauty and peace. Like you are sitting on the white sand beaches just before a thunder storm. 

Crystal Information

These stones are quartz crystals, that consist of an assortment of clear stones. These beach stones are known as Cape May Diamonds. My husband and I collect each from the lovely beach in Cape May to share with you all in the Two Cats Witchery shop.

Origin and Legend

Cape May Diamonds are naturally tumbled quartz crystals, from the upper Delaware River. The travel 1000s of years, naturally tumbling in the river and ocean waves, making them smooth and roughly polished. People have been searching for and collecting these crystals since the early 1800s.

If tumbled for longer; these crystals can be even more polished, smooth, and some may turn completely clear. People search for the small, clear stones because they look like diamonds. Even though these stones are not diamonds, they are quartz crystal, they are collected and create an excitement when found. The small clear stones can be hard to find, but if you have time.. Grab a bucket and a chair; and search for those crystals.

Thank You, Julia

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