Full Moon Ritual Spell Oil Handcrafted for Lunar Magick / Drawing Down the Moon / Feminine Energy Witch Oil Blend

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Full Moon Ritual Spell Oil Handcrafted for Lunar Magick / Drawing Down the Moon / Feminine Energy Witch Oil Blend
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My Full Moon Ritual Oil, is a handcrafted oil made with only the finest natural ingredients. Made herbs and flowers from my home garden, this oil is infused with a base oil; making a cruelty free oil blend which is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. A wonderful and essential oil to have added to your apothecary cabinet. 

Part of our Lunar Collection; I use this oil in many ways but here are some ways that you can use it...

• use in your evening bath or moon ritual bath water. Oil can leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. 

• use as an anointing ritual oil on your candles and sacred altar tools during different lunar events.

• use in an aroma lamp, oil diffuser, or diffuser necklace.

Product Information

• Full Moon Oil 

• Use to honor a Moon Goddess like Diana, for lunar and Full Moon magick, when "drawing down the moon", and when representing the feminine power and energy of the moon.

• Created for use as a bath oil, anointing ritual oil, or for an aroma lamps / oil diffuser. 

• Hand Blended and Infused with herbs and flowers form my garden

• All natural, chemical and pesticide free

• Cruelty free and never tested on animals.

• Oil comes in a apothecary bottle with leak proof top.

Thank You,
~ Julia 

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Additional Information 

• You get 1 bottle of oil with this listing. 

• These ritual oils are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you.

• Keep your oil in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet for long lasting. If stored correctly, oils can last up to a year.

• NOT for consumption. Always have proper ventilation when diffusing oil in a room with pets or children.

• If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. Please allow 3 - 5 days for making and shipping. Made to order.

• Sales are Final due to the nature of the products and spiritual beliefs associated with them.

• Oils are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease. Please seek medical attention if needed. Do not consume oils and use proper knowledge as some herbs used can be toxic to pets, children & women who are nursing or pregnant.

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