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Moon Mother Oil. 1/2 oz Bottle, Lunar Collection, For Moon Magick and to Honor the Moon Goddess

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Moon Mother Oil for Moon Magick.

Part of our Lunar Collection.


1/2 oz Bottle

*you get 1 bottle of Moon Mother oil with this listing. Entire lunar collection is available individually in the shop. 

Blended with daisy, to honor the Moon Goddess, for lunar and moon Magick, to draw down the moon, and represent the feminine beauty and power of the moon. 

- shipping is 3-5 business days 

- always cruelty free

- handmade with natural ingredients & essential oils

*** These oils are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you. ***

Each oil is hand blended using only the finest natural ingredients and infused with a base oil. Nature is believed to have a spirit in every aspect. These oils are infused with the energy of each plant that is used.

Oil comes in an amber bottle with leak proof top. Amber bottles protect the oils from sunlight damage. Keep your oil in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet for long lasting. If stored correctly, oils can last up to a year.

Created for use as a Bath Oil, Anointing Ritual Oil, for Skin, or Aroma Lamps. Please do not consume. If allergic reaction happens, please stop use. Keep away from small children & pets.

- Always have proper ventilation when diffusing oils in a room with pets.


- All Sales Final -

copyright 2019.  Oils are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease. Please seek medical attention if needed. Do not consume oils with herbs as some may be toxic to pets, children & women who are nursing or pregnant.