Ostara Ritual Oil for the Spring Equinox Sabbat

bottle of oil for Ostara bottle of oil for Ostara bottle of oil for Ostara bottle of oil for Ostara
Ostara Ritual Oil for the Spring Equinox Sabbat
Only 5 available

Handmade ritual oil for Ostara. Made with different herbs, spices, roots, and plants, grown in our garden and yard then picked, dried, and infused with a base oil. 

Size 1/2 oz bottle

Ostara, better known as the Spring Equinox, is a spring holiday or Sabbat, that is named after the Germanic goddess Eostre (the Spring Goddess). It is celebrated on or around March 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and September 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. It falls around the holiday of Easter as well. 

Hand blended using only the finest natural ingredients. Made to order, each oil is made special for you in our home kitchen using Two Cats Witchery own recipe. 

*** These oils are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you. ***

Anoint candles, sacred tools or spaces, crystals, or altar. 
Anoint a talisman, rub on oneself as a ritual perfume, or use in a bath with ritual Epson bath salts.

Please use oils with proper knowledge. These oils are made with all natural ingredients, but If you have allergies or sensitive skin, I advise testing before using on skin or in a bath. Always have proper ventilation when diffusing oils in a room with pets. Products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Each Ritual Oil comes in an amber bottle with leak proof top. Amber bottles protect the oils from sunlight damage. Keep your oil in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet for long lasting. If stored correctly, oils can last up to a year or longer.

These oils go along way, so use sparingly. You only need a dab or two. NOT for consumption, spiritual use only. If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. 

Please allow 3 - 5 days for making and shipping since this oil is made to order, special for you.

~ please note, this listing is only for 1 bottle of Ostara oil. Props are for photo's only. 

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