Sun Dried Herbs. 2x3 inch bag, For Sun Magick and to Honor the Sun

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Sun Dried Herbs for Sun Magick.

Use during any Sun magick and to honor the sun.  

Size: 2x3 inch bag (zip lock style bag. Store in cool, dry place).

- shipping is 3-5 business days 

- always cruelty free

- handmade with natural ingredients including herbs, plants, & flowers from our garden.

*** These herbs are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you. ***

Nature is believed to have a spirit in every aspect. These herbs are infused with the energy of each plant that is used.

- Great to use as a natural incense 
- sprinkle around a sacred space, spiritual altar, windows or doors. 
- Anoint candles with these herbs 
- circle under candles or crystals 
- put in mojo or charm bags
- burn as natural herb incense on a coal burner 
- Use in a ritual bath by placing in an organza bag and letting the herbs infuse into the water.

- Always have proper ventilation when burning in a room with pets or children.


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copyright 2019.  Herbs are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease. Please seek medical attention if needed. Do not consume herbs as some may be toxic to pets, children & women who are nursing or pregnant.