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Shop Updates: July 5, 2017 : Updates and new items being added to the website. I'm currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, waiting on the newest addition to the Two Cats clan. Updates are taking me a little longer, as I don't have a ton of energy and have been resting. Thank you. ~Julia

Crystals and Beach Stones - Spiritual, Metaphysical, Quartz Crystal, Meditation, Chakra

Two Cats Witchery Crystals and Beach Stones. Crystals are believed by many spiritual paths and cultures to have specific intentions and properties. Picture these crystals around you during mediation or next to a candle when in a bath. Can use during rituals or prayers involving chakra, energy use, spells, protection. Make jewelry, use as a home decor, use in a charm bag, and much more.

Cape May Crystals / Beach Stones

5 stones - Price - $3.00   Add to Cart
10 stones - Price - $4.95 Add to Cart
20 stones - Price - $6.95 Add to Cart

Natural raw Quartz crystals, known as Cape May Diamond beach stones; consist of an assortment of white, rose, clear, yellow, and black stones. We collect each from the lovely town beach in Cape May, NJ. Read about the Cape May Diamond Legend.

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