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Two Cats Witchery is an online Art and Witchy Boutique founded by artist Julia Finucane in 2015. Specializing in original art, fine art prints, handcrafted candles, handmade witchy decor and ritual products for your home; all created by Julia Finucane.

Featured Collections

Gift Ideas

Shop the handmade items created by Julia, that will make a wonderful and unique gift for that special person in your life. When you give the gift of handmade, you give a gift form the heart.

Art and Home Decor

Shop the artwork of Julia and her home decor collection including jewelry boxes, crystals, and functional art . Each piece is handcrafted in her home studio.

Artisan Candles

Shop the handmade, one of a kind artisan candles created by Julia. Each is handcrafted in her home kitchen... special for you.

Original Artwork

Shop the original artwork of Julia, painted in her home studio. Using a combination of acrylic paints and graphite on different size mediums. Owning an original piece is unique and special.

Crystals and Stones

Shop the crystals collection of Julia including raw and polished quartz and crystal sets. Julia collected each crystal and stone on her travels. She further polishes some and put intention and Goddess sets together. Bring the magick and energy of crystals into your home today.

Hair pins and Jewelry

Shop wearable art including hair pins and jewelry handmade by Julia in her home studio.

Shop t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, poster prints, accessories, and merchandise. All designed and created by Julia Finucane on THREADLESS.


Julia uploads Tarot readings for everyone. Watch them on the TCW YouTube channel.

For short, to the point readings.. visit the TCW TikTok

"May your Spring be filled with happiness, health, strength, and Magick!"


If you stumbled upon my website, welcome!

I hope you find inspiration to embrace Magick and the beauty that surrounds you. Find joy in the little things.

I'm Julia; a whimsical artist and witchy mommy to Lexi. 

Featured Products

Original Moon Paintings ~ Set of 2


Success Prosperity Oil ~ 1/2oz bottle


Goddess Aphrodite Oil


Whimsical Original Painting

$150 with free shipping

Sage Oil ~ 1/2oz bottle


Clear Quartz Crystal set for Protection


Shop the Witchery right here on the website for the entire collection including whimsical gifts and handcrafted witchy supplies.

Etsy Shop Update... Two Cats Witchery has been on Etsy since the beginning and although I truly loved the community it once was, it has been hard to continue to sell on the platform these past few years. I've decided to move on for now and not list any items on Etsy at this time. Please shop here on the website instead. Thank you ~ Julia

Shop Amazon Handmade. Two Cats Witchery is just starting to add items to our Amazon Handmade shop. Stay tuned for more items on there.

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Julia records magick and the beauty in all aspects of her daily life. View full length Tarot Readings on here.

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