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Here at Two Cats Witchery, I strive to bring magick and beauty into ones life.

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I want everyone to live a happy, magickal, and positive life. I do this by creating handmade products that are unique, artistic, and enchanting for your mind, body, soul, and home. I specialize in making spiritual ritual oils, handcrafted candles, fantasy art, and witchy gifts; created in my home studio and in small batches. I want to teach you, bring positivity too you, and allow magick into your life and home. Two Cats Witchery is your trusted shop for Magick and Beauty.

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Two Cats Witchery Featured Products

    TCW hand blended herb mixtures are hand-crafted from our original recipes. Herb blends include flowers like Lavender, spices, plants, roots, and crystals. Some blends such as the TCW Relaxation Herb Blend are perfect to use in your nightly bath routine, to calm down after a long stressful day. Our herbs are a perfect blend for spirtual rituals, bath routines, and as a natural loose herb incense. 

TCW handcrafted oil is hand blended using only the finest natural ingredients. Made with herbs, plants, and flowers from the TCW home garden. Each plant is picked, dried, and infused in a base oil.

TCW hand painted jewelry boxes and fine art prints are the perfect additions to your home decor and art collection. If you love birds, fantasy, and vintage steampunk; you will love these pieces displayed in your home. They make great gifts for that special someone too. 

New Products coming soon, including Handcrafted Candles, Witch Kits, Crystal Sets, House and Wall Decor including original paintings, fine art prints, and jewelry boxes.

You can find all of our wonderful products in the Gift Shop.

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So who is TCW?

Well, Two Cats Witchery is the enchanting Gift Shop of myself, Julia Finucane. I specializes in handcrafted ritual oils, artisan candles, and enchanting whimsical fantasy art. It's a handmade Witchery and each item in the shop is created in my home studio. 

I pride myself in the words "Handmade with Love and Magick." Each item is made with only the finest of ingredients and detail. Most of the the Witchery products are all natural, free from harsh chemicals, and Cruelty Free. I believe in creating products that are safe to have in my home as well as yours, and fill ours lives with magick and beauty.  

Thank You for Visiting TCW 

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