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Welcome to the Charm Bags, Mojo, Medicine, Witch and Spell Bag Information page for Two Cats Witchery. We hope to answer any questions you might have about these spiritual bags and to give a little history about them and how they are used. Please know that everyone has a different spiritual path and belief. The information given is based off of research, personal usage, and beliefs by some people and cultures. Everyone uses these bags as well as other tools different. There are many right ways, use and do what feels best to you. These bags are similar in that they are made with fabrics, cloth, or leather and are usually tied or sealed after specific items are placed in the bag.

Charm Bags:
Charms and charm bags have been used by many cultures and heritages for spiritual and everyday use. These bags can be filled with different herbs, stones, flowers, pendants, coins, etc. depending on what and who they are being made for. A very popular charm in Irish and Irish American culture, is the clover which is a symbol of luck. Different charm symbols are placed in a bag, making the bag.. a holder of the charms. Usually warn or carried on the person, these bags are special to the person who owns it.

When purchasing or making a charm bag, you want to align your bag with oneself. Hold it in your hand, get to know it, visualize your want or intent, talk to it. Each charm bag is a tool for your personal spiritual usage.

Mojo bags:
Mojo bags are similar to a charm style bag and are still used today by many whom practice the Hoodoo or Voodoo path. Very popular in New Orleans style Voodoo, these are know as Gris-Gris (Pronounced gree-gree) and Juju. Known as spirit bags, they are believed to hold an energy of their own. Each bag contains a mixture of herbs, oils, stones, salts, hair, roots, etc. for a specific symbol of intent Mojo bags are traditionally warn as an amulet on a person or around their neck. Some people do place these bags under their pillows, mattresses, on a night stand, in a purse or tote bag, or somewhere close to them.

When purchasing and using a Mojo Bag, you want to align its energy with yours. Hold it in your hand, get to know it, visualize your want or intent, talk to it. Some people name their bags. Many people will spit on their bag or rub some body fluid on it. This will align your energies and truly make it your bag.

Traditionally one should never show anyone or let anyone touch your bag. These bags are believed to hold and attract energy. You want to keep only positive energy connected to the bag. One must get to know their mojo bag, keep it safe, and feed / dress it. To feed (anoint) a mojo bag, one can use the feeding oil that goes with the correct mojo bag. So if it's a black cat mojo bag, you would want black cat oil to feed it. Some people also use incense smoke, honey, or whiskey. Feeding or anointing a mojo bag is believed to keep your bag connected to yourself, aligned with the specific intent, reinforces that intent, and keeps the energy positive.

Medicine Bag:
A medicine bag is a traditional Native American bag or container that was large and kept or held by the Medicine man or Shaman Healer. Smaller bags were and are warn for personal usage of harmony, protection, and spiritual reasons. These bags can contain herbs, stones, feathers, bones, fur, etc. Each item held a significance in the life of the person. These bags are warn by many people today and hold a special connection for the owner.

Traditionally a medicine bag is warn around the persons neck or on their belt. Each bag should contain a plant, something from an animal, a mineral, and a personal article of the persons.

Witch and Spell Bag:
A witch bag or spell bag is basically very similar to the charm and mojo bag. These bags are made of fabrics, cloths, or leather. Usually with the color that symbolizes the intent the bag is being made for, such as red being a symbol of love or green and symbol of money. Different herbs, stones, crystals, amulets, candles, etc. are placed in the fabric and then the bag is tied up. These bags are used for rituals, prayers, or spells for a specific intent. They can be warn, buried, or placed on a sacred place or alter.

These bags are used for spiritual use. Please only purchase if you have knowledge of how to use this item. This is a tool just like any herb or candle to help aid you with your ritual, prayer, and spiritual path. We at Two Cats Witchery do NOT do any ritual or prayer work for you. That is for you to do and for you to make any manifestation you want happen. Just buying this bag and placing it in your pocket will not do anything. You must work the bag like any other tool for ritual and prayer. 

Fabric & ribbon color might change, but the ingredients and intent will always be the same.

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