One Card (Tarot Reading for the Day) - Email Example

Dear (name),
Thank you for letting me have the chance to do a One Card (Reading for the Day) for you. I hope that it helps in the guidance you need for the situation at hand and throughout your day. Enclosed below is the reading and image of the card. Thank you again, Julia

Reading setup:
A white candle is lit as well as my angel candle for protection and guidance. Next to my candles I placed two crystals, one for protection and one for intuition. I laid out my lace fabric on my table to place the cards on. I carefully shuffled the cards while asking God, my spirit guide, and my spirit ancestor for help with the reading. I then pulled a card.

Card chosen:
The card chosen = Strength

Day Reading:
This card is very powerful to me and one of my favorites. It combines the images of man with animal or beast. Strength is a Major Arcana card which is a spirit card and one of strong meaning. I look at this card and see self power, self control, love, and courage.

You can see that the women in this card is holding the lion by it's mouth. She is wearing a pure white dress with flowers wrapped around her. These flowers represent natural instinct and nature. One would think that this small women would never have a chance against a wild animal such as this lion, but take a closer look and your thoughts will change. She is "taming" the lion with love, kindness, and a firmness that comes from within. Patience is key. She is in control and is not scared. These two (women and beast) are working together to form harmony in their journey. The women has a very calming look and shows no fear when working with this powerful creature.

This card shows conquering fears and tough situations, as well as mastering the inner beast within. If you don't have control of this "inner beast" then harmony and balance can fall apart. You have the emotional and mental strength to overcome any fears you might have, just like the women with the lion. Remember to stay patient and trusting of youself. Any negative thoughts or addictive behavior can be broken with your inner strength and power. These two creatures are now one with eachother. Combine the love, calmness, and patience of the women; with the power, courage, and toughness of the lion and you can overcome anything. Move forward on a already started journey or start a new project. Feel the strength, power, and balance of yourself within.

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