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Two Cats Witchery Crystals and Beach Stones. Crystals are believed by many spiritual paths and cultures to have specific intentions and properties. Picture these crystals around you during mediation or next to a candle when in a bath. Can use during rituals or prayers involving chakra, energy use, spells, protection. Make jewelry, use as a home decor, use in a charm bag, and much more.

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These Natural raw Quartz crystals, known as Cape May beach stones; consist of an assortment of white, rose, clear, yellow, and black stones. We collect each from the lovely town beach in Cape May, NJ. 

Origin and Legend: Cape May Diamonds are naturally tumbled quartz crystals, from the upper Delaware River. They travel 1000's of years, naturally tumbling in the river and ocean waves, making them smooth and roughly polished. People have been searching for and collecting these crystals since the early 1800's.

If tumbled for longer; these crystals can be even more polished, smooth, and some may turn completely clear. People search for the small, clear stones because they look like diamonds. Even though these stones are not diamonds, they are quartz crystals, they are collected and create an excitement when found. The small clear stones can be hard to find, but if you have time.. Grab a bucket and a chair; and search for those crystals.

~ please note, this listing is only for the crystal stones only, props are for photo's only. These crystals have not been tumbled by myself or my tumbler. They are in there natural state from being tumbled in the ocean.

We at Two Cats Witchery love searching and collecting crystals, stones, and shells. We hand collect each of these Cape May beach stones from the lovely town of Cape May, NJ. They form in an underwater caves of the Delaware river and wash up on one of the hidden beaches (Sunset Beach). Naturally tumbled from the ocean waves, legend has it that the trip is said to taken thousands of years. We wash them and keep some natural and raw, while others we tumble and polish further in our tumbler. We love these stones and feel that everyone should be able to enjoy these crystals, even if one can not visit the beach they are washes up at.

Crystals are used for spiritual, chakra use, meditation, energy use, and ritual or prayer purposes. They can also be used with wire wraping for jewelry making and they look great as a room decoration. Place a bunch of crystals in a glass jar with a candle, or on a decorative plate. Use in a bath or around your bath tub for meditative, spiritual, and chakra purposes. Crystals are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you.

When you get your crystals, if you are planning on using them for spiritual purposes, please align them with you and your specific intent before using (if you are using as decorations or as a pendent for jewelry, you can skip this). Hold it in your hand, visualize and state out loud your intended outcome. Do this until you feel the crystal is aligned with yourself and your intent. Placing the crystal under a full moon is also believed by many cultures and spiritual paths to "charge" it. Visualize and state out loud your intended outcome while placing the stone under the moon. Leave over night. Sun "charging" is done the same way.

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