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Hot Foot Powder has been used in rituals, folk magic, and in the Southern American Hoodoo path in foot track magic to drive unwanted people out of your life, make someone leave, move out, or banish negative or harmful people away. This powder is hot and spicy to the touch and smell. DO NOT CONSUME!

Two Sizes Available

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3"x3" inch bag - $14.95 Add to Cart

Our Handmade Hot Foot powder makes a wonderful addition to your personal Hoodoo rituals, prayers, or spells.  Our hot foot powder can be sprinkled in foot tracks or across doorstep. Mix with some native dirt before sprinkling outside. Visualize and state out loud your intent such as to be left alone while sprinkling the powder. If powder can not be sprinkled in the foot tracks or on a doorstep, instead sprinkle around a paper with a name and visualize your intent. This hoodoo powder can also be used in a mojo bag or spell bottle for the same intent.

Two Cats Witchery Hand-crafted hot foot powder is made from our original recipe including cayenne, red pepper flakes, and more. Made to order, special for you. Powder is used only for spiritual use, NOT for consumption and not meant to be used on the body. It will burn and make you sneeze if it gets to close to your nose.

Align this powder with you and your specific intent before using. Hold it in your hand, visualize and state out loud your intended outcome. Do this until you feel the powder is aligned with yourself and your intent. Placing the powder under a full moon is also believed by many cultures and spiritual paths to "charge" the powder. Visualize and state out loud your intended outcome while placing the powder under the moon. Leave over night. Sun "charging" is done the same way.

Comes in a plastic zip lock style bag. Keep your powder in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet for long lasting. Keep out of the sun. If stored correctly, can last up to a year.

Powder have been used in many different cultures and spiritual paths. These go along way, so use sparingly. NOT for consumption. Ready for your use. If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. Please allow 3 - 5 days for making.

~ please note, this listing is only for 1 bag of powder. Props are for photo's only.

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All sales are Final due to the nature of the products and spiritual beliefs associated with them.

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