Feminine Sexuality Herbs, Natural Incense, Ritual Spell Flowers, Witchcraft, Wiccan Herb Blend

Feminine Sexuality flowers - can be used to harness that strong, passionate, sexy, empowering, and powerful aspect of a woman. This flower mixture can be used along with your spiritual journey that involves the matter of feminine empowerment. NOT for consumption.

Two Sizes Available

2x3 inch bag - $4.85  Add to Cart

3x3 inch bag - $6.85  Add to Cart

These flowers are forest grown, cut, dried, and hand mixed. (These flowers came from our land in the country. They grow wild and natural. Please use caution if sensitive to pollen or other wild flowers).

Flowers are used in spiritual rituals, prayers, or daily beauty routines. Rub on candles, sprinkle on windows or door frames, place under or around crystals, or put in charm bags. Mix with oils to use as a ritual perfume, or even mix with Epson salts to use in a bath. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, I advise testing before using on skin or in a bath.

Made to order, each is mixed special for you. These flowers are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you. Each blend comes in a plastic zip lock style bag. Store in a cool, dry place such as a cabinet.

Align this flower with you and your specific intent before using. Hold it in your hand, visualize and state out loud your intended outcome. Do this until you feel the flower is aligned with yourself and your intent. Placing the flowers under a full moon is also believed by many cultures and spiritual paths to "charge" the flower. Visualize and state out loud your intended outcome while placing the flowers under the moon. Leave over night. Sun "charging" is done the same way.

These go along way, so use sparingly. NOT for consumption. Ready for your use. If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. Please allow 3 - 5 days for making.

~ please note, this listing is only for 1 bag. Props are for photo's only.

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