Bath Salts for Protection and Positive Energy

Bath Salts for Protection and Positive Energy

Bath Salts for Protection and Positive Energy 

Protection bath salts are a botanical blend of essential oils and herbs, created to manifest protective energy. Pine, sage, and rosemary are hand blended into this mix; each symbolize protection and bring forth positive energy. The salts used are a blend of epson salt, kosher salt, sea salt, and organic white salt; making for a perfect bath blend. 

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Ways to use your Bath Salt

Use our handcrafted bath salts in your daily bath routine. Sprinkle a small amount in your warm bath water. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the refreshing aroma

Use during your ritual style bath while you visualize a protective white light surrounding you. Meditate on your intentions of positive energy coming your way. Visualize and breath out all the negative energy that has entered your life. Allow for protection to come your way.

Use during your special spa days. Place a small amount in a foot bath and allow the protective energy to enter through the bottoms of your feet or root chakra. This is great for detoxing the negative energy out of your aura and allowing protection energy to manifest. 

Many Blessings, 
~ Julia

- These salts are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you. 
- Not for consumption. 
- All sales final. 
- Can put salts in an organza bag or muslin cloth bag to prevent herbs from sticking to your bath tub or getting into the tub drain.
- Have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing.
- Please allow 3 - 5 days for making and shipping.

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