Home Blessing Kit, Energy Cleansing, Smudging, Sage Kit

Two Cats Witchery handcrafted smudging kit is handmade with anointing oil infused with sage, natural herb incense, Quartz crystals, tea light candles, and a mini sweetgrass bundle. This is a wonderful and complete kit for your smudge rituals and smudging needs. 

Use this kit for monthly home blessings, for a new house, as a house warming gift, or with any smudging ritual.  

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Kit includes..
1 - 1oz bottle of anointing oil.
1 - 2x3 inch bag of herbs
1 - 2x3 inch bag of white salt 
1 - mini sweetgrass bundle (5-7 inches)
2 - white tea light candles
5 - assorted small Quartz crystals, tumbled and polished. 

The herbs and sweetgrass come from my home garden. The sweetgrass is hand bundled and then dried.

The white quartz crystals were collected, tumbles, and polished by Two Cats Witchery. 

The Salt is a hand mixed combination of different white salts including kosher and sea salts. Sprinkle around sacred places or altars. Use under candles when burning. (Shown in picture)

The oil is hand blended using only the finest natural ingredients (including sage herbs) and infused with a base oil. Use to anoint candles, ritual tools, etc. 

Made to order, each kit is made special for you. 

*** These kits are tools only, the intent and outcome is up to you ***

The Oil comes in an amber bottle with leak proof top. Amber bottles protect the oils from sunlight damage. Keep your oil in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet for long lasting. If stored correctly, oils can last up to a year or longer.

Please only smudge with the smoke of the herbs. Watch for embers and never leave herbs or candles burning alone, around small children, pets, or fabric. It is very common to have to relight herbs. 

Herbs, oils, salts, and crystals are NOT for consumption, spiritual use only. If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. 

Please allow 3 - 5 days for making and shipping since this kit is made to order, special for you.

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