The Magick of April

September 08, 2022

The Magick of April is here! 

Can you believe it is already April? 

As the warm weather and sun approach, seeds are planted and flowers start to bloom. This is a great time to plant directly into the ground and connect with Mother Nature. Feel the earth om your fingertips and embrace her energy. Just make sure the frost is over if you live in a cold climate so sprouts won't freeze. 

We welcome in new growth and life. A great time to ground oneself in nature. Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the cool mud on your toes. This has a direct calming effect which takes stress away and promotes calming relaxation.

Nourish your body and soul with relaxing meditation. Listen to soft music while you close your eyes and meditate. Lighting candles and incense also triggers calming effects in the brain. Remember to drink plenty of water which quenches the body and soul. 

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