Sep 8, 2022

How to use Oil

So one might ask, "How do I use Ritual Oils"?

Although the usage of oils may differ from person to person, here at Two Cats Witchery we make Our Oils to…

Sep 8, 2022

Celebrating Mabon and The Autumn Equinox

Mabon is a harvest festival celebrated during the Autumn Equinox. It’s a time to prepare for the upcoming winter with harvesting the last of the summer crops. It’s a time that we give thanks for what the earth has provided us. 

Sep 8, 2022

Cape May Diamonds

So lets talk a little about these stones that you see in my shop! 

These stones are natural raw quartz crystals, that consist of an assortment of white, rose clear, yellow, and black stones. These beach stones are known as Cape May Diamonds. My husband and I collect each from the lovely beach in Cape May.


Sep 8, 2022

Mercury Retrograde and how we can focus our energy!

So what is this Mercury Retrograde we speak of?

The term retrograde refers to when a planet looks to be moving in reverse. With Mercury, this happens three to four times a year. This planetary event, as well as others…

Sep 8, 2022

November 11 and the Number 11 work together to aid in powerful manifestation. 

Powerful Manifestation Day 11/11 

November 11 is always a strong energy day with great power for manifestation and intention work. The number 11 in general is a symbol of spirit. 11 is a…